03 February 2008

The Bradford Convention.

Published in Confidence, April-June 1918.

Our ten days’ Convention is beyond describing by words. The presence of God was upon us all the time. Letters have already come to say it was a thousand times in advance of last year. The deep revelations by the inspired speakers dove-tailed from day to day, and made hearts to burn with the sense of a need. A prayer came forth from all to God for our poor, broken world, in its present chaos of war, and a cry was raised for deliverance for our land. The missionary zeal was also intensified by returned and going-out missionaries. The voluntary offering on the Bible, amounting to over £200, denotes the hopefulness of the future.

One could not pick out special speakers in this Convention. From the first to the last of the ten days, the speakers and listeners were broken before God. The singing in the Spirit at most of the meetings was beyond human expression, as the glory of God covered us as a mantle from time to time with power to sing through falling tears of joy, expressing through the heart that God had got a people in his control.

God cared for us in this Convention and provided butter, cheese, sugar, and tea for upwards of 2,000 meals, and many other good things; there was no lack. The last day of the Feast was better than the first. People were baptized in the Spirit every day, and twenty-seven people passed through the waters of baptism. There were also many notable cases of healing. Two people were healed and saved, and one healed and baptized in the Spirit at the same time.

All the speakers announced came, and we are thankful that God has such treasured vessels in His great work. We labored for weeks in prayer, cleaning and painting inside and out of the Mission, but felt it would all be of no use if God did not fill it with His glory as the temple of Jerusalem. Truly, He made our hearts glad as again and again the glory fell upon us. We now see the Pentecostal future of unlimited success, when the war ceases and railway fares and food are as before. One could say that a month’s Convention is as little as one dare venture to have, after our present experience in these hard times, clearly proving to us that Acts 2 is going on to be fulfilled in a fuller measure.

I now close by saying what a joy it would have been if all the Pentecostal people could have shared with us in this great feast.

*   *   *

The Convention opened on Thursday evening by the convener, Mr. S. Wigglesworth, speaking on Acts 2, “Filled with New Wine.” Other speakers followed with inspiring messages.

On Good Friday morning there was a large attendance at the breaking of bread, God’s presence being very manifest in the midst.

The ten days were indeed days of the Right Hand of the Most High. The subject of the addresses wonderfully fitted in to the stress of the times.

Mr. Tetchner’s message on Ezekiel 22:30—God’s need of a man to stand in the gap—was very stirring, especially when just now so much depends upon the right man being in the right place, both as to military and also spiritual conditions.

Mr. Myerscough gave good Bible readings on the Second Coming of our Lord, clearly opening out before us the Word, that all in Christ would be changed, clearing the doubt of many as to a partial rapture.

Mr. Jays’ Bible readings and addresses were deep and inspiring, and much brokenness of spirit was manifested in all.

Mrs. Crisp had a warm welcome for the first time in our midst, giving helpful messages. Many were blessed by the message on Acts 12, “But Prayer.”

We were glad to have with us, as usual, Mr. and Mrs. Walshaw. Mr. Walshaw gave us a word on John 7:37, “Rivers,” Mrs. Walshaw speaking from 1 Corinthians 12, “The Nine Gifts of the Spirit.”

Mr. Boulton, from Hull, had a broken spirit. We felt God had brought him to be blessed, and thus he was a blessing to others.

The Rev. William Reed was a great inspiration to all with his untiring zeal in seeking the lost and pressing this need on all assembled. His last words to us were, “Devour your Bibles, live on your knees, be wisely mad for the salvation of the perishing.”

Miss Morell was always ready both in ministering the Word and helping those seeking the Baptism.

Mr. Moggs gave a good address on “Seeking the Baptism,” and was also helpful to those seeking.

Mr. Sam Broom gave us a thrilling address on “Divine Healing.”

The Convener impressed the meetings with the truth that nothing wold meet the need of the day like the Baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire. The sons of God are to be manifested. As “He is, so are we in this world.”

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