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Be not afraid, only believe. [July 1927]

Originally published in
the Pentecostal Evangel,
16 July 1927, pp. 1, 6-7.

“Be not afraid, only believe.”

This is one of those marvelous truths of the scriptures that is written for our help, that we may believe as we see the almightiness of God; and also our privilege, not only to enter in by faith, but to become partakers of the blessing he wants to give us. My message is on the lines of faith. Because some do not hear in faith, it profits them nothing. There is a hearing of faith, and a hearing which means nothing more than listening to words. I beseech you to see to it that everything done may bring not only blessing to you but strength and character, and that you may be able to see the goodness of God in this meeting.

I want to impress upon you the importance of believing what the scripture says, and I may have many things to relate about people who dared to believe God until it came to pass. This is a wonderful word. In fact, all of the word of God is wonderful. It is an everlasting word, a word of power, a word of health, a word of substance, a word of life. It gives life into the very nature, to everyone that lays hold of it, if he believes. I want you to understand that there is a need for the word of God. But it is a need, many times, that brings us the blessing.

Apostle of Faith, chapter 9.
Visits to Switzerland and Sweden.

by Stanley Howard Frodsham.

In the year 1920 our Greatheart labored for six months in different parts of Europe. He ministered for a short while in France and then went on to Switzerland. The following account of his labors is part of an address given by Madam Debat of Paris, who acted as his interpreter in France and in French Switzerland.

Apostle of Faith, chapter 8.
Miracles in Australia and New Zealand.

by Stanley Howard Frodsham.

It was in the early part of 1922 that our Greatheart made his first visit to Australia. We quote from a letter (which appeared in the English paper, Confidence) written by Miss Winnie Andrews of Victoria:

Our dear Brother Wigglesworth arrived in Melbourne last Thursday, and he had a meeting that night—and although he made it quite plain and clear to his hearers that he would rather see one sinner saved than 10,000 people healed of bodily ailments, he invited any who were in pain to come forward for prayer—Among those who came forward were several who later declared they had received remarkable and instantaneous healings.

Apostle of Faith, chapter 7.
In labors more abundant.

by Stanley Howard Frodsham.

“I labored more abundantly than they all,” Paul declared, but he was quick to add, “yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me.” [1Co 15.10]

Our Greatheart’s life, like the apostle’s, was “in labors more abundant,” [2Co 11.23] but he was quick to acknowledge that it was all of grace and by faith that his labors were accomplished. To him the attitude of faith was not one of strain, of effort, nor of crying and moaning night and day, but just one of laying hold of God’s gracious provision, and trusting and resting. He knew God could not fail in his promises. He believed the record that God “hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness,” [2Pe 1.3] and so he laid hold in living faith of the exceeding great and precious promises, and his expectation of an exhibition of God’s power was constantly fulfilled.

Apostle of Faith, chapter 6.
The ministry of healing.

by Stanley Howard Frodsham.

We have often heard Smith Wigglesworth say that it did not matter where he went in the scripture for a text, he nearly always ended up preaching that the Lord not only forgives all sin but heals every disease.

His constant message was just “Christ.” He would say of him: “There was never one who came into the world with such loving compassion and who entered into all the needs of the people as did the Lord Jesus. And he declares to us, ‘Verily, verily, I say unto you he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do, because I go unto my father.’ [Jn 14.12] God wants us all to have an audacity of faith that dares to believe for all that is set forth in the word.”

Apostle of Faith, chapter 5.
After receiving the Baptism.

by Stanley Howard Frodsham.

Wigglesworth continues:

At the time I received the Baptism in the Spirit, a meeting was going on in the large vestry of the All Saints’ Church, and I went straight to it. The vicar of the church, Pastor Boddy, had charge and he was speaking. I knew that as yet he had not received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and I interrupted him by saying, “Oh, please let me speak, Mr. Boddy; I have just received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost.”

Apostle of Faith, chapter 4.
Endued from on high.

by Stanley Howard Frodsham.

We continue the story in our Greatheart’s own words:

My wife was a great preacher, and although I had no ability to preach, she made up her mind to train me for the ministry. So she would continually make an announcement that I would be the speaker the next Sunday. She said she was sure I could preach if I only tried. When she announced me to speak, this would give me a week of labor and a good deal of sweating. I used to go into the pulpit on Sunday with great boldness, give out my text, say a few words, and then say to the congregation, “If any of you can preach you can have a chance now, for I am finished.”

Apostle of Faith, chapter 3.
“Then the ear…”

by Stanley Howard Frodsham.

“My soul followeth hard after thee” [Ps 63.8] is the intense expression of the man after God’s own heart. This was ever the attitude of Smith Wigglesworth from the early days of his Christian experience. No wonder the enemy of souls sought so hard to cause the cares of this life and the deceitfulness of riches to choke the Word in the two years mentioned in the last chapter.

Apostle of Faith, chapter 2.
An helpmeet for him.

by Stanley Howard Frodsham.

In the second part of the Pilgrim’s Progress, Bunyan introduces us to one Mr. Greatheart, who guided and guarded Christiana and her sons on their way to the Celestial City. The one whose story we are telling was a Mr. Greatheart. He surely had a great heart of love and loyalty to his Master, for so often we have heard him say, “Isn’t he a lovely Jesus?” And he also had a great heart of love for all his fellow pilgrims, especially the poor and needy, the sick and the suffering.

He once said to us, “All that I am today I owe, under God, to my precious wife. Oh, she was lovely!”

Apostle of Faith, chapter 1.
“First the blade…”

by Stanley Howard Frodsham.
Smith Wigglesworth: Apostle of Faith, 1924.

Stanley Howard Frodsham (1882-1969) was an English-American editor who for years ran Gospel Publishing House, the publishing company of the Assemblies of God. Wigglesworth officiated at Frodsham’s wedding, and Frodsham published Smith Wigglesworth: Apostle of Faith through GPH in 1924.

Honestly, Frodsham’s biography is a hagiography: Wigglesworth is a saint and Frodsham wants you to know it. In parts he’s sentimental to the point of mawkishness. But he quotes Wigglesworth extensively; so much so it’s almost an autobiography, and Wigglesworth’s personal humility shows through. It’s great historical source material. —KWL

The year 1859 is known as that of the great Irish revival. Two years previously, a mighty awakening had come to the United States. Prayer meetings had been held in every large city, and were attended by thousands of people.