15 January 2017

Like precious faith. (10/14/22)

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by Smith Wigglesworth
The Pentecostal Evangel, 14 October 1922.
Preached at Glad Tidings Assembly, San Francisco.
Faith That Prevails, chapter 2.

Read 2 Peter 1.1-8.

We are dull of comprehension because we so often let the cares of this world blind our eyes, but if we can be open to God we shall see that he has a greater plan for us in the future than we have ever seen or dreamed of in the past. It is God’s delight to make possible to us that which seems impossible, and when we reach a place where he alone has right of way, then all the things that have been misty and misunderstood are cleared up.


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08 January 2017

The Whitsuntide Convention: Some further notes. (8/16)

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by Alexander Alfred Boddy (possibly; unattributed)
Confidence, August 1916.

Mrs. Walshaw on Prayer.

On the Monday evening there was a great gathering, when Mrs. [Lydia A.] Walshaw, of Halifax, spoke with great power. Here are some notes of her address:

  • “God longs to bring man back into heart-fellowship with himself.”
  • “The prayer life brings us back into communion with God.”
  • “It must be a life of prayer; we must go on until we even become a prayer.”
  • “God is waiting for our prayer, that he may give us a mighty revival.”
  • “The Holy Spirit teaches us and helps us in prayer.”

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01 January 2017

The place of power. (6/16)

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by Smith Wigglesworth
Confidence, June 1916.

The thought that has been pressing upon my mind for some time is the thought of “abiding,” and the joy of being at that place where I can always count upon being in the presence of power, where I know God’s presence is with me, leading to a place where victory is assured. Let us get hold of this thought—that if we keep in a certain place with God wonderful things may happen, for we shall then be in a place where we reach such spiritual attainment that marvels may be wrought because we are there. Then God will have his own way through us.

The anointed Jesus. In the fourth chapter of Luke, first verse, we read: “And Jesus, being full of the Holy Ghost, returned from Jordan, and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness.” Mark speaks about being “driven” by the Spirit. Whatever Mark means or Luke means, there is one thing certain, and that is this—we see a power, a majesty, falling on the Lord Jesus. He is no longer the same man. He has received a mighty anointing power of God, and in this place he realizes that the only thing for him to do is to submit to God, and as he submits he is more and more covered with power and led by the Spirit.


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25 December 2016

From the Great Northern Railway. (11/14)

p. 228

p. 229
by Smith Wigglesworth
On the Great Northern Railway at Glacier Park Station, posted Tuesday, 24 November 1914.
Confidence, Dec 1914.

My most precious Bro. Boddy,

Your request to me, to send some reports for your valuable paper from time to time, have never slipped my memory.

I now have a dear English brother accompanying me on this trip. He, owing to reading a copy of Confidence, was led to visit Bro. Mead in Los Angeles. He had just come from Mexico, and was in need of spiritual help. I was staying at Bro. Mead’s at the time, and being fresh from England, we became closely associated. This led to his baptism, and now he is most anxious to please God in any way, and is now writing this letter from me to you for your paper Confidence.


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18 December 2016

From “Press reports of the Fifth Sunderland Convention.” (6/12)

p. 131

p. 135
taken from the Sunderland Echo, North Mail, Northern Echo, and Newcastle Journal. Edited by A.A. Boddy.
Confidence, June 1912.

Mr. Smith Wigglesworth, of Bowland Street Mission, Manningham, Bradford, gave some astonishing personal testimony of divine healing. He said he stood there because God had healed him. He suffered from appendicitis for several weeks, and was at last forced to take to his bed. He was at the far end when the doctor came and said he must go through an operation. After the doctor had gone out, two visitors came unexpectedly to the house. “One of them, a young man, came upstairs in a big hurry,” said the speaker, “and handled me very roughly, and said, ‘Come out, thou demon! Come out of this man,’ and that instant the demon did come out and I was perfectly well, that instant; so well that I got up and went out.” The doctor returned while he was out, and when told that the patient was not in he said “They’ll bring him back a corpse.” “But glory to God, it has never touched me since,” exclaimed Mr. Wigglesworth.


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11 December 2016

Bro. Smith Wigglesworth’s visit. (3/12)

p. 64
by Alexander Alfred Boddy (possibly; unattributed)
Confidence, March 1912.

We have been greatly stimulated again this month by the visit of our brother, Mr. Smith Wigglesworth, from Bradford (70, Victor Road, Manningham). We rejoiced to see the ripening power of the Holy Ghost in our brother, who has truly advanced from “faith to faith,” and from strength to strength. His first address on Saturday night emphasized the immense importance of the “members of the body” bearing each other up in prayer, especially those suffering from physical pressure, taking the burden as their own, and “praying through” to God, till the battle was won. The Kingdom of Heaven today is suffering violence.


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04 December 2016

The power of the name. (1/23)

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by Smith Wigglesworth
The Pentecostal Evangel, 20 January 1923.
Preached at the Springfield Assembly, Springfield, Missouri. Ever Increasing Faith, chapter 3.

Scripture reading: Acts 3.1-16.

All things are possible through the name of Jesus. God hath highly exalted him, and given him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow. There is power to overcome everything in the world through the name of Jesus. I am looking forward to a wonderful union through the name of Jesus. There is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.


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27 November 2016

Published in Confidence, 1908.

These are all short items from Confidence, a magazine published by Alexander Alfred Boddy of All Saints’ Church in Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, UK, where Wigglesworth received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1907. —KWL

Bradford. (5/08)

p. 9
Confidence, May 1908.

Bro. Smith Wigglesworth of Bowland Street Mission reports:

The Lord is mightily blessing us. The results are that sinners are being saved and saints being filled with the fullness of the Holy Ghost with the signs.

We are realizing the blessing that comes to us through pleading the blood. There is certain victory if the pleader keeps the precious Jesus before him. Then the Holy Ghost commences to plead through him. This is the commencement of signs.


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20 November 2016

Report from Yorkshire. (4/08)

p. 6

p. 7

This is the earliest published item from Wigglesworth I found so far. Confidence was a magazine published by All Saints Church in Sunderland, where Wigglesworth received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1907.

Confidence also reported on page 7 of the April 1908 issue, “The Rev. C.F. Atherton holds waiting meetings at his manse. The Lord graciously baptized him at Bradford in Mr. Smith Wigglesworth's house about a month ago.” KWL

by Smith Wigglesworth
Confidence, April 1908.

Bowland Street Mission, Bradford, has had many days of God’s right hand, and has won many trophies of the cross, and seen much of the working of the mighty hands of God; but none of the past days resemble those of the present. Thank God, we are in the midst of that which might be called the soul’s awakening. Those that were lifeless and helpless (having to be carried), are now full of life and prepared to carry others from the cold, indifferent, formal life, to be red-hot, Spirit-filled saints, speaking and singing in tongues.


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13 November 2016

Great grace upon the church. (8/23)

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p. 20
by Smith Wigglesworth
The Latter Rain Evangel, August 1923.
Preached in Chicago, 31 October 1922.
[Sermon incorrectly dated 1923.]

“And great grace was upon them all.” Great grace is upon us when we magnify the Lord. If ever you want to see what God means when he gets a chance at his people, have a peep at the fourth chapter of Acts, and see what God did. Just because all the people shouted aloud to him, he imparted to them such blessing that every person was filled with the Holy Ghost, and I believe what God wants to do in these days is to give an inward manifestation of his divine presence within the body until the body is moved by the power of the Spirit. Beloved, we are accustomed to earthly things, but when God sends the heavenly it is beyond our understanding. Oh, to have the revelation of the mind of God! It fills my soul, the thought of it! Oh, for the kind of loosening of the body that we will never be bound again! Just filled with God!


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