20 November 2013

Visits to Switzerland and Sweden.

by Stanley Howard Frodsham
Apostle of Faith, chapter 9.

In the year 1920 our Greatheart labored for six months in different parts of Europe. He ministered for a short while in France and then went on to Switzerland. The following account of his labors is part of an address given by Madam Debat of Paris, who acted as his interpreter in France and in French Switzerland.

At Chatres in the French Alps we had a convention. Four ministers came to spy out the land in order to speak against this work of God. But all four are now convinced that this Pentecostal work is truly of God. One cried out, “I am under an open heaven.”

A wagon drawn by oxen drew up at the meeting house, containing a man on a stretcher who had come some distance with faith to be healed. He was suffering with cancer of the stomach and could not eat. In the wagon was a basket of provisions. He was asked what they were for, as he could not eat anything. He replied, “No, I cannot eat, but I am going to he healed and I shall consume these provisions on the return journey.” He had simple faith, and of course God met him.

I asked one woman going out of the meeting, “Are you healed?” She replied, “Of course I am healed.” There were several cases of deafness healed. In one case the bone had been scraped and the drum disappeared, but she heard perfectly.



13 November 2013

Miracles in Australia and New Zealand.

by Stanley Howard Frodsham
Apostle of Faith, chapter 8.

It was in the early part of 1922 that our Greatheart made his first visit to Australia. We quote from a letter (which appeared in the English paper, Confidence) written by Miss Winnie Andrews of Victoria:

Our dear Brother Wigglesworth arrived in Melbourne last Thursday, and he had a meeting that night—and although he made it quite plain and clear to his hearers that he would rather see one sinner saved than 10,000 people healed of bodily ailments, he invited any who were in pain to come forward for prayer. Among those who came forward were several who later declared they had received remarkable and instantaneous healings. One little girl, 6 years of age, after prayer by the evangelist, was seen walking out of the front door of the building with her mother, who was delightedly exclaiming to all and sundry: “Look at her! She has never walked in her life before!” A man who had not walked for over four years, owing to rheumatoid arthritis, was instantly healed, and after triumphantly passing his stick and crutch up to the platform, gave an impromptu exhibition of the power that had come into his legs, by jumping and leaping and praising God.

Since the first night there have been many other wonderful healings. Last night a dear woman who had been unable to walk for 6½ years was brought to be prayed for, and—glory to God!—she got out of her chair and walked. Her husband pushed her chair along while she walked behind.

There have been many conversions—at one meeting alone, forty accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The revival showers are falling and God is working.



06 November 2013

In labors more abundant.

by Stanley Howard Frodsham
Apostle of Faith, chapter 7.

“I labored more abundantly than they all,” Paul declared, but he was quick to add, “yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me.”

Our Greatheart’s life, like the apostle’s, was “in labors more abundant,” but he was quick to acknowledge that it was all of grace and by faith that his labors were accomplished. To him the attitude of faith was not one of strain, of effort, nor of crying and moaning night and day, but just one of laying hold of God’s gracious provision, and trusting and resting. He knew God could not fail in his promises. He believed the record that God “hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness,” and so he laid hold in living faith of the exceeding great and precious promises, and his expectation of an exhibition of God’s power was constantly fulfilled.

Once more we will let our Greatheart resume his own story.

God has blessed me in so many ways. I have seen sight restored to persons born blind. I have seen three persons come to life after being dead. All these things that I have passed through only make me to know that Christ’s promises concerning the greater works are true, and we must give him all the glory for them.

It was my privilege to labor in India and in Ceylon, and to see God mightily moving there. Probably the high point of the revival was at Colombo. How God blessed!

I was preaching under the anointing of the Spirit and a crowd gathered. They packed the place to suffocation. But the power of God was wonderful. After preaching, and that through an interpreter in a temperature of about 120 degrees, we prayed for about 500 sick people each night.



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