29 March 2009

Here and there, 6/5/26.

An excerpt, published in the Pentecostal Evangel, June 5, 1926.

Good results in Switzerland. Miss Nell Ruff writes of a meeting held recently by Brother Smith Wigglesworth in Zurich. “Mr. Wigglesworth was full of the Spirit in declaring the full gospel. After the meetings, people would crowd into a vestry to be prayed for. It was heart breaking to see them throng around us, some halting, others bearing on their pale, weary faces the cruel marks of sin and suffering—all eager to hear how they could approach God and claim deliverance. Oh, the expressions of their eyes! how they changed! Scores of those sick ones went away praising God that He had healed them and saved their souls from destruction. Hallelujah! Zurich has been stirred up during this two weeks. My father is keeping the hall for Sunday afternoons for gospel meetings.” In a later letter she writes, “Our meeting has greatly increased. Thank God the tide is rising. We have not had a meeting since Mr. Wigglesworth’s visit in which there has been no healing nor decision for the Lord. We have also reports from people who have used handkerchiefs that have been prayed over. Prayer is being answered.”

Since writing the above, a long distance call has come from Eureka Springs from Brother E.J. Burton, who tells us that he has received a letter from Brother Wigglesworth, sent from Jerusalem, agreeing to accept the invitation of the brethren to be a speaker at the Interstate Camp Meeting to be held in Eureka Springs, Ark., from August 29 to September 12.

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22 March 2009

Brother Wigglesworth in Ceylon.

By Walter H. Clifford, Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka).
Published in the Pentecostal Evangel, May 29, 1926.

The campaign began March 5th in a hall capable of holding a thousand people. From the first night it was a great success, hundreds being saved. Not a night passed without many standing up and reaching out their hands to heaven, calling out, “Jesus save me! Jesus deliver me!” Each night the evangelist would single out people in the audience who were in pain, and would pray for them. Immediately after prayer was offered the suffering ones would testify that they were free from pain. If it was a case of stiff limbs, they were made to exercise them by walking up and down, running, stamping their feet, or waving their arms about in order to test whether the pain had actually gone.

One night a woman came up the aisle, walking in pain, her body all doubled up, and she finally fell on the floor in front of the platform, the pain was so great. Brother Wigglesworth jumped off the platform and put his hands upon her, and said, “In the name of Jesus I bind this pain and loose this woman.” Immediately she ran up and down the aisle, free from pain, and then went and sat down to listen to the message. She was perfectly whole. This demonstration had a great effect upon the crowd.

Some nights the evangelist prayed for over five hundred people, many of them coming hundreds of miles bringing their sick with them—the blind, deaf, dumb, lame, palsied, consumptive, eaten up with cancer, tumors, epilepsy, weak-minded, deranged, crippled. God worked mighty miracles: blind eyes were opened, deaf ears unstopped. stammering tongues spoke, men on crutches put them over their shoulder and went away, stiff joints were made supple, headaches and fevers vanished, asthma was treated as an evil power and cast out in the name of Jesus.

Handkerchiefs were brought in an ever increasing number and piled high upon the platform. So many were brought (quite 500 some nights) that a fairly large suitcase was neccesary to hold them all. One night, while our attention was diverted, a boy stole six new handkerchiefs that had been brought. Two nights later he came back with them, confessing that he had not been able to sleep since he had taken them. Many wonderful cures were wrought through this means. One was taken to a sanatorium and placed on a consumptive boy. The boy is wonderfully better, is putting on flesh and looking healthy.

Many people were helped by rising from their seats in faith and saying, “Jesus heal me,” without the prayers of the evangelist at all. One woman, who had eruptions on her arms and burning sensations caused by these eruptions, was healed as she sat in her seat. Truly these were wonderful days. God’s Spirit was poured out and Jesus was glorified.

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15 March 2009

Brother Wigglesworth in India and Ceylon.

By Walter H.C. Clifford, Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka).
Published in the Pentecostal Evangel, May 22, 1926.

Brother Wigglesworth has been with us in Colombo, ministering for two weeks. He came very late in the season and found the heat very trying, and in consequence did not visit India. In Madras we had one meeting as we passed through Bombay to Colombo. I went to Bombay to meet him. The meetings were wonderfully attended here. There were over a thousand listening to the Word nearly every night. It was a joy to see hundreds of people standing up with hands outstretched to heaven, asking Jesus to save them. Hundreds were healed of all kinds of diseases. Owing to the heat and the strenuous night meetings (some nights praying for 500 people), he was unable to have meetings for believers as we should have liked. However, the visit was a great success and has brought blessing to nlany homes. He has left us now for Palestine, where he expects to stay about a month, reaching England in time for the Whitsuntide Convention in London.

The follow-on meetings have been wonderfully blessed. One woman in the Sunday morning meeting, after Brother Wigglesworth had left, was healed of three diseases. She came on the following Wednesday bringing fifteen friends with her, eleven of whom were saved that night as we gave the altar call. I had the joy of immersing eight in water while Brother Wigglesworth was here, the youngest being a Singhalese girl seven years old. She had a wonderful testimony, and on the morning of her baptism, she had a vision of Jesus. It was a joy to my soul to take her in my arms and bury her with Christ in the water.

The Lord has given us another little son, born on Feb. 9. This makes us four children now. All is well, for which we praise the Lord. Brother May from Travancore is here helping me for a little while and I am very grateful for his help. We have had strenuous times since Christmas with two conventions and nine meetings a week in between. Oh, for some men to come and stand in the gap.

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08 March 2009

Here and there, 1/5/24.

An excerpt, published in the Pentecostal Evangel, January 5, 1924.

Blessing in New Zealand. Brother Smith Wigglesworth writes that he has received a great welcome on his return visit to New Zealand. Writing of his first visit eighteen months ago, Mr. E.E. Pennington, Chairman of the New Zealand Evangelical Mission of Wellington writes, “In June 1922, Brother Smith Wigglesworth came to Wellington little known to any of us. There was no flourishing of trumpets to herald his advent—a few small advertisements in the local press announced his meetings. About one thousand attended his first meeting on a Sunday evening, and the night following this number was increased by about five hundred to six hundred. From then on it was impossible to secure buildings large enough to accommodate the crowds, and the large Town Hall, seating three thousand, was packed every evening. On some occasions the crowd waited for hours about the doors before the commencement of the meetings rather than be denied the opportunity of hearing the man and his message. Never had the writer witnessed such scenes as followed the presentation of the Word of God by this Spirit-filled man, although being associated with such mighty evangelists as Drs. Torrey, Henry, Chapman and others in part of their New Zealand campaigns. On every occasion when an appeal was made for the unconverted to decide for Christ, the response was immediate and great, sometimes as many as four hundred to five hundred responding in a meeting—over two thousand made the great decision during the mission in Wellington—in some cases whole families entered the kingdom of God.”

Many healed. We have received a few testimonies of those healed in this meeting. Mrs. E. Curtis of Christchurch, New Zealand, was suffering with septic poisoning. She had become only a skeleton and the doctors could do nothing for her. She had agonizing pains all day and all night. She was healed immediately [after] prayer was made for her. She states that for the past sixteen years she has been a martyr to pain but is now wonderfully well. Another testified to healing of deafness, goiter, adenoids and bad eyesight. Another testified to healing of double curvature of the spine from infancy, hip disease, weak heart, leg lengthened three inches, which grew normal like the other leg. It was also three inches less in circumference. She wore a large boot but now walks on even feet, the large boot having been discarded. Another was healed from goiter through handkerchief.

Blessing in Melbourne, Australia. Mr. W. Buchanan, a leading Christian worker of Melbourne, writes of the Wigglesworth campaign in that city. “We had three glorious weeks of triumphant victory in the Melbourne meetings. Fully one thousand souls were converted to the Lord Jesus Christ, and many scores were healed: in fact, the testimonies of those healed are still continuing to come in.”

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01 March 2009

Healed by the power of God.

Subtitled, “The ministry of Bro. Wigglesworth and his future movements.”
Published in the Pentecostal Evangel, September 16, 1922.

A number of letters have come to this office asking if Bro. Smith Wlgglesworth can hold meetings at different assemblies. He is waiting on the Lord about these calls and is praying about his future movements. He writes us that he expects to hold meetings in San Jose and Oakland, Cal., during the latter part of September and the early part of October, and he hopes that he will be able to start a campaign in Springfield, Mo., on October 15th. We hope to insert fuller announcement concerning this last meeting in the next Evangel.

A correspondent. Mrs. F.E. Braithwaite, sends us a large number of testimonies of healing from Australia, where Bro. Wigglesworth has lately been ministering.

Kathleen Gay, 107 Browe St., North Fitzroy, testifies, “I feel I must express my deep gratitude for blessing received. Only those who have been in the furnace of affliction can realize the joy of deliverance. It seems even now too wonderful after 14 years of anguish, sleeplessness, and spiritual depression caused by the bondage of the adversary that these are things of the past. As you say, consumption is of the devil and only the Lion of Judah could have delivered me from this scourge which has made my body a mass of corruption. Now I am free. Hallelujah!”

Mrs. J. Simcock, of Horshom, Victoria, writes, “I was prayed for in Melbourne and the evil spirit commanded to come out. I had a polypous growth in my nose. It had been there 18 years. When I came home from Melbourne the growth all broke up and came away, for which I praise God. I had also a pain under my left breast which had troubled me 12 years. I think it was leakage of the heart, as sorrow had caused it in the first place. At times I used to vomit blood. I have deliverance from that also. All praise to our wonder-working Jesus.”

Catherine Rutherford, of 32 Emerald St., Collingwood, writes, “I have had liver complaint all my life. When quite a young girl I was treated by the best doctors, but it always returned. At times I was unable to turn over in bed without help. The last 12 months my kidneys were bad and my legs swollen with much cramp. I had varicose veins with lumps larger than an egg. Now, glory to God, all has gone—disappeared as soon as hands were laid on me in the name of Jesus.”

L.M. Buchanan writes of the meetings held in Sydney:

“A woman who was to have undergone an operation yesterday went to the doctor, who said that there was neither misplacement nor inflammation. When she told him the reason he said that she would soon be worse. Another who was to have undergone several operations because the work could not be done in one, testifies that she was free, and that the Lord had lengthened her leg two inches and that instead of limping she is now walking perfectly. Another mother brought her little boy who had fits all day long. He was prayed for at the meeting and after the evangelist had gone he had a fit worse than before. The unbelievers’ sarcasm was to be heard all over the building. Two days later the mother returned to say that the child had not had another fit. A little girl aged five years old, who had been stone deaf three years, received her healing at once. The healings have been too numerous to mention and the preaching of the Word was wonderful.”

At the meeting at Geelong, one testified, “I had a withered hand for 14 years. When Mr. Wigglesworth was here a month ago it was cured.”

At Parkes a quarter of the population tried to get into the theater. The preaching was wonderful and also the healings. A little girl, deaf for six years, ear drums burst and bleeding, was instantly healed. Her brother, blind in one eye, received his sight immediately [after] he was prayed for. The daily papers say that no meetings on a religious line equal to these had ever been experienced in Parkes.

A teacher at Bunibank Methodist Sunday School testifies to healing of rheumatoid arthritis. “A doctor examined me in the beginning of December, 1911. and told me I would need new joints to walk. He said he would defy anyone to cure me, and although I improved in health I dld not walk better. On April 4th I went to be prayed with, and believed God would heal me. As hands were placed on my head in the name of Jesus, I felt the power of God go right through me. After the meeting I walked down three flights of stairs without a stick for the first time for sixteen years, and I have no use for a stick since. I have always tried to impress upon the juniors the power of prayer, but I had not realized I would have to demonstrate it in my own life. After testifying in the Sunday School, I asked all who were Christians or who would became so to stand. Every teacher and every scholar stood, and so we sang the Doxology. Men of the world have told me ‘It has set them thinking.’ There is no evidence now that I had ever rheumatoid arthritis. Praise God!”

Bro. Wigglesworth writes of his meeting in Wellington, New Zealand. “The New Zealand visit as been the best I have had on the lines of moving a city toward holiness and godly fear. Thirty of the principal men pleaded with me that I would stay longer. There has been a harvest of souls and over 2,000 were prayed for for healing. About 2,000 came down to the quay, singing and testifying and I spoke to them. A dally paper quotes the following healings, saying that any one can secure the names and addresses at the Dominion offices.”

A dairyman had for 3 years suffered with chronic gastritis and paralysis of both legs from the hips downward and could only drag along with crutches. He testifies, “On June 4th I attended the Town Hall. I was anointed, hands were laid upon me, and Mr. Wigglesworth told me to walk. I handed him my crutches and walked home. For 14 years I have had a cyst on the back of my neck. It increased in size to the size of an egg. The next morning I found it had completely disappeared.”

A lady testifies, “Over 3 years ago varicose veins in my legs broke. I was twice in hospital, but when I used the legs the veins burst open. The last time they were cut and an ulcer formed. I had to walk with a stick and could only limp. I went to the Town Hall. I had faith that Jesus would heal me. The pain ceased and I was able to leave my stick and walk to the car. My leg is sound and the ulcer is daily healing. I am now able to wash and do my housework.”

Another Wellington lady says that her son (age 11) 6 years ago broke his arm. It was badly set and he could not bend it properly. It was massaged for 12 months without any benefit. It is healed. Also her daughter, who suffered from adenoids, was healed.

A lady from Ngaio, aged 20, has suffered from double curvature of the spine from infancy. She could not walk until 4 years of age and could only rise from the floor by pulling herself up with both hands. One leg was 3 inches shorter and less in circumference. She went to many hospitals and was sent home incurable. She states, “As soon as hands were laid upon me I was healed, my spine was straightened; in a few days my leg lengthened, and my hip, which was diseased, was healed.”

The following testimonies appeared in the “Good News” of Melbourne:

For many years I suffered from bronchitis and asthma. I had pains in my chest and was very short of breath. I went to the meetings at the Olympia and Mr. Wigglesworth laid hands on me, and rebuked the evil spirit. I felt the power of God go right through me. I was immediately healed, and have not had a pain since. I was on Feb. 4th, 1922, dressing my little girls when Thelma, aged 4, fell. I picked her up and found her bleeding at the mouth. The scissors were in her hand, and she ran the point through her lips. Her mouth began to swell, and I said. “Dear Jesus, don’t let her go any further.” I hurried to the Good News Hall and the secretary carried her to Mr. Wigglesworth, who was at breakfast. In a few minutes the lady brought her hack, with her mouth closed, and perfectly healed. The child told me that the gentleman had laid his hands on her lips and prayed, and that Jesus had made her better —J.M. Henderson.


I was born with a weak, crooked ankle. I was anointed at the Olympia and it was immediately straightened and made strong. I had to wear a specially formed boot and straps, these are no use to me now, I have bought ordinary boots. Medical men had attended me and could do nothing. —Lily Ward.

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