22 February 2009

Mr. Wigglesworth at the Antipodes.

Published in Confidence, July-September 1922.

He writes: “God is doing wonders. We have the meetings in a picture house, and crowds are being saved night by night. This morning a girl 16 years old, who had been stone deaf eight years was instantiy healed, and similar mercies are going on all the time. I spent Easter in Melbourne, and enclose a few testimonies from those helped there.

“I began in Sydney on April 30th. I am well, but need a rest, and (D.V.) I shall have one week on the sea (to New Zealand), and three weeks to America.”

Later at Sydney. “This has been a great week of soul saving. Crowds are being stirred up. Ministers and preachers, many have begun a new life. The presence of God has been mighty.”

May 24th. “God is keeping me on fire. Hundreds are catching the flame. Several young men have left all, and have struck out on new lines. There has been much opposition and controversy, but I have left hundreds saved and healed in Sydney. Australia has been moved. A man and his wife and another brother who have caught the fire are traveling with me to New Zealand. My first mission is at Wellington, then Christchurch, then three weeks on the sea to Beulah Heights, near Oakland (Mr. Montgomery). Then to San Francisco, and on, as the Lord leads.”


Some Testimonies from Australians.

107 Rowe Street,
North Fitzroy.

I feel I must express my deep gratitude for blessing received. Only those who have been in the furnace of affliction can reallze the joy of deliverance. It seems too wonderful. After fourteen years of anguish, sleeplessness, and spiritual depression, caused by the bondage of the adversary, these are things of the pasts. As Bro. Wigglesworth says, consumption Is of the devil, and only the Lion of Judah could have delivered me from this dread scourge, which had made my body a mass of corruption. Hallelujah!


Baille Street,
Horsham, Victoria.

I was prayed for in Me!bourne, and the evil spirit was commanded to come out. I had a polypous growth in my nose. It had been there eighteen years. When I came home from Melbourne the growth all broke up and came away, for which I praise God. I had also a pain under my left breast which had troubled me twelve years. I think it was leakage of the heart, as sorrow had caused it in the first place. At times I used to vomit blood. I have deliverance from that also. All praise to our wonder-working Jesus!


32, Emerald Street,

I have had liver complaint all my life. When quite a girl I was treated by the best doctors, but it always returned, and at times I was unable to turn in bed without help. The last twelve months my kidneys were bad, and my legs swollen much with cramp. I had also varicose veins, with lumps larger than an egg. Now, glory to God, all has gone—disappeared—as soon as hands were laid upon me in the name of Jesus. I am hungering and thirsting after the Baptism. Please pray for me!


Bro. Wigglesworth concludes his letter with an earnest appeal for our prayers. “Pray! pray! pray! that God may be glorified in all.”

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