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Published in Confidence, 1908.

These are all short items from Confidence, a magazine published by Alexander Alfred Boddy of All Saints’ Church in Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, UK, where Wigglesworth received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1907. —KWL

Bradford. (5/08)

p. 9
Confidence, May 1908.

Bro. Smith Wigglesworth of Bowland Street Mission reports:

The Lord is mightily blessing us. The results are that sinners are being saved and saints being filled with the fullness of the Holy Ghost with the signs.

We are realizing the blessing that comes to us through pleading the blood. There is certain victory if the pleader keeps the precious Jesus before him. Then the Holy Ghost commences to plead through him. This is the commencement of signs.

The last night of the conference. (6/08)

p. 19

p. 20
Part of the Whitsuntide Conference at Sunderland, 9–11 June 1908.
Confidence, June 1908.

[…] Then followed testimony after testimony for more than two hours. The scanty notes taken by the Editor but poorly represent the fire-filled utterances and the gratitude, almost to tears, of many of the speakers.

Bro. Smith Wigglesworth reported that they had not had a single backslider since “Pentecost” came to him and to his mission. The most “difficult” persons had become kind, unselfish, and helpful to others. “We all know that it is not us any longer, but the Holy Ghost, as it were, welling up in us.”

Testimony of Smith Wigglesworth. (10/08)

p. 11

p. 15

p. 16
by Smith Wigglesworth
Written in November 1907.
Confidence, October 1908.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Boddy,

After seven full days of the glorious presence of the glory of God resting upon me, I send you this testimony for the glory of God. For three months I have been exercised about the full Pentecost. I had the clear witness of the baptism of the Holy Spirit 14 years ago last July, and this brought a marvelous manifestation of God in special gifts to sick ones, and a constant living and seeking to bring others to Jesus.

But from time to time, when reading the Acts of the Apostles, I always saw that the signs were not following as I am led to believe ought to be after a real Pentecost, according to Mark 16. The desire more and more increased in my very inner soul, giving me a holy breathing cry after this clear manifestation. I have visited meetings at London and Sunderland and other places, but always knew they were not seeking Pentecosts. There seemed a great deal of letter, but very little of the spirit that would give the hungry and needy a baptism of fire such as would burn up distinctions, and officiousness, and appearance of pride, and evidences of social standing.

Today I am actually living in the Acts of the Apostles’ time; I am speaking with new tongues, the holy fire of God’s presence fills me till my pen moves to the glory of God, and my whole being is filled with the presence of the Holy Ghost. Almost am I led to believe that 20 years is not too long to wait for the holy anointing of God the Holy Ghost.

On Friday [the] 25th, we had a special meeting at the Mission Room, Bowland Street, Bradford, and after waiting about two hours the presence of God came in a wonderful way and gave me a move as at the beginning. I perfectly well understood the glow and holy presence. This was felt by others also. On Saturday, I and a friend went on to Sunderland to wait for Pentecost at All Saints, at Mr. Boddy’s church. We had heard much about this blessed work and were encouraged, but after arriving at Sunderland found the enemy very busy discouraging believers; this did not disturb me, because I had gone with an open mind and prayed much to be clearly convinced if there was anything there that did not reveal the glory of God, that I would at once have cleared out and protested against it; but God was with me there. But I found the full presence and power to restore believers and to heal the sick. My experience is that this does not take place in some kinds of meetings; the reason is that, to a great measure, they do not believe the full gospel, and it is nothing new to me to find great leaders against the tongues, and I find that, even in these times, “they cannot enter in because of their unbelief.” I praise God for Pentecost.

On Sunday morning, Oct. 26th, after waiting much on God, I went to the Salvation Army meeting, Roker Avenue. God bless the Army. They at once gave me a welcome, and already realizing his presence in my body I longed for communion, and when after praying, the glory of God covered me. I was conscious at the same time of much the experience I believe Daniel had in his 10th chapter. After this I regained strength to kneel, and continued in this holy glow of God all the day, still realizing a mightier work to follow. I went to All Saints, to the communion service, and after this was led on to wait in the Spirit; many things taking place in the waiting-meetings that continued to bring me to a hungry feeling for holy righteousness.

At about 11 a.m. Tuesday morning, at All Saints vicarage, I asked a sister to help me to the witness of the baptism of the Holy Ghost. She laid hands on me in the presence of a brother. The fire fell and burned in me till the Holy Spirit clearly revealed absolute purity before God. At this point she was called out of the room, and during her absence a marvelous revelation took place; my body became full of light and holy presence, and in the revelation I saw an empty cross, and at the same time the Jesus I loved and adored crowned in the glory in a reigning position. The glorious remembrance of these moments is beyond my expression to give—when I could not find words to express, then an irresistible power filled me and moved my being till I found to my glorious astonishment I was speaking in other tongues clearly. After this a burning love for everybody filled my soul.

I am overjoyed in giving my testimony, praying for those that fight this truth, but I am clearly given to understand that I must come out of every unbelieving element. I am already witness of signs following. Praise him.

Smith Wigglesworth.

Pontesford. (11/08)

p. 11

p. 13
by Geo. E. Beady
Subtitled “Good news from the Shrewsbury district.”
Confidence, November 1908.

To Mr. Boddy, my dear brother in Christ:

I feel led this evening to drop you a few lines and tell you of the wonderful way God is blessing us here, as I know and realize the many earnest and sincere prayers that are ascending to the throne of grace on our behalf from the various centers of this spiritual and blessed mission. Praise the Lord! And telling the “good news” helps to bear each other up and give much good cheer and encouragement. Hallelujah!

Glad to say God graciously brought Bro. Smith Wigglesworth and his wife amongst us, and gave them a safe journey, and has since been gloriously using them to his honor and glory. Praise him! After their arrival on Saturday we had a fellowship and introduction meeting, and afterwards a prayer meeting. God was very near to us, and we had a good time together, and I believe, had the meeting been continued, I and some of the brethren would have received the gift of tongues; but it was brought to a close soon after 10 p.m. Then, on Sunday, God graciously blessed our dear Bro. and Sister Wigglesworth and filled the chapel with people; and then his Spirit fell and took hold of two sisters and a brother, who praised him in tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance. Hallelujah!

And now I come to Monday night, October 26th, which will ever remain the red-letter day in my life, when the Lord glorified himself in me and another brother and took full possession of our tongues, using them for his glory and praise. Glory to Jesus!

I will now endeavor, for the glory of God only, to give you my humble testimony. In commencing I must go back to last winter, when, in answer to prayer, God fulfilled his precious promises, as in the Acts of the Apostles, by pouring out his Spirit upon the brethren and sisters. At that time I took great delight in dances, and was a member of the Choral Society, etc. I had heard such terrible things about the work going on at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Pontesbury, and one night myself and some more young fellows went to the chapel to hear what was going on, but did not go inside, being afraid. I heard someone calling, “Oh Lord, save my brother,” etc., and went away mystified, determined not to go again.

But on January 7th, 1908, my sister came and begged me to go with her, and after a great deal of persuasion I went out of curiosity. When I saw first one and then another go down under the power, and speaking in unknown tongues, I was convinced that it was the work of God, being too wonderful for any human or Satanic agencies, and when the invitation to seek the Lord was given out, I was the only one who could not hold his hand up, so God spoke definitely to me, and I went and knelt at the penitent form and he saved me. Hallelujah! (But oh, Satan did try to make me put up my hand and not be the odd one, but I did not, and so God saved me.)

Since that time (over nine months ago) I have been continuously pleading the blood and praying for the baptism of the Holy Ghost with signs following. About the middle of last week God wonderfully impressed upon my mind John 16.5. Then it came to me that the Comforter (the Holy Ghost) was still in the world and all I needed was to be thoroughly cleansed from sin, plead the blood of Jesus, and in mighty faith accept God’s promises. So from early morning I claimed God’s promises and continuously pleaded “the precious blood of Jesus,” until suddenly the Holy Ghost came upon me, and I found myself glorifying God in an unknown tongue as the Spirit gave utterance. Hallelujah to Jesus!

I continued speaking in tongues till the clock struck three, when I arose. But oh, how Satan tried to make me believe it was a counterfeit, but I pleaded it was the gift of God. Then I went to chapel in the evening, where the Spirit of God again came upon me, and I again glorified Jesus in tongues, though Satan tried his best to keep me quiet, but failed, Hallelujah! Mr. Wesley Baker (of Merrington Green, near Shrewsbury) was there and interpreted it. How long I continued speaking I don’t know, but I should think about an hour at least. Two other brothers also were speaking at the same time. Hallelujah!

Since then I am continually in the presence of my Savior. Hallelujah! I am now continually realizing the truth of his precious word, where he says, “There shall be in them wells of living water springing up into everlasting life.” With me it is an overflowing joy and happiness, which I cannot find words to express. When I got home God spoke to me by Psalm 121. All glory to Jesus! Praise him.

Yours in Christ Jesus, Geo. E. Beady.

P.S. Please continue to link on with us in prayer, as I believe there are more trophies for the Master. Oh, may he ever keep me sheltered by the precious blood of Jesus.

Yorkshire. (12/08)

p. 9
by Smith Wigglesworth
Written in November 1908.
Confidence, December 1908.

Manningham, Bradford, Nov. 1908.

My dear brother,

After 12 months of this blessed fullness I desire to witness to the truth of the anointing with power for service. There is an affinity and unity with the blessed Holy Spirit as never before, and a fearlessness, or a clothing with a consciousness that the source is his, and the results are his, and I am one channel only. It is now, without fear, a vessel unto honor for the Master’s sake. Then there is the presence of the Holy Spirit abiding—the anointing received abideth —as it is an unction from the Holy One, thus renewing the spirit of our mind. Thinking about the pure and holy things, the epistle to the Romans being fulfilled. “Conformed to the image of his Son,” growing up into him, our living head. First it is power with God and then it is power with man. First stripped, then the clothing from above. No longer seeking our own but his. Responsibilities and results are his.

The yoke is on his shoulder; He sees to thee, oh son of man. Can the Acts of the Apostles be renewed? Lord, thou knowest. The given faith stands and says: Let it be so; and the workings are mighty. Our position is to see that we are clothed with the Spirit. The Spirit led Philip to the wilderness, and the eunuch was already waiting. Samaria also was ready. The secret was that Philip was in the power of the Spirit. He increases when we decrease; we cannot do both and be fruitful. All the glory must be Christ’s, and then it will be the same as of old—“the sword of the Lord and Gideon.”

Speaking with tongues is an external evidence that God has done something, and it is always done when the motives are pure and the life cleansed. The blood meets the poor, needy soul, and it enters through the gate into the city, and begins to share in divine privileges of power, of lifting burdens, of weeping with discouraged souls, of bringing health to sick and weary ones, “as he is so are we.” As God dwelt in him and did the work, now he dwells in us and teaches us by the Holy Spirit how to do the work, and it is done. We are daily witnessing to the work being done. Demons are cast out, the sick are healed, and sinners turn to Jesus. Saints are becoming more saintly. Speaking with “tongues” brings me into a deeper sense of his abiding presence; it much resembles the shekinah glory over the Ark. The divine glory is right over me day by day. The messages are with power; never lacking power and zeal. Of a truth God is with us. I admit that the price to pay is much, and you may have to lose as good friends as Elijah, but, praise God, there is a mantle of power just to meet your need.

David speaks in the 23rd Psalm of the valley of the shadow of death. It was a day in the life of David of separation. Notice that as soon as he got there the table was spread. Brothers, it will be a destruction of the flesh—a real death—but God has another food, another robe for you, another power, another glorious victory; but it is through the valley, where God spreads the table. He knows best what the spirit life requires, so he spreads the table.

We are getting much blessing, remarkable evidence, and discernment. Faith and charity are right in this work. The mighty things will soon occur—interpretations are getting much clearer. The power of the Holy Ghost is making the dry bones feel the need.

Everywhere we go with this truth in the power of the Spirit, we have to deal with sin in believers. The filthy acts of the self-life have to be dealt with, and men cannot always stand the purging. I have never heard or seen God baptizing an unclean or fleshly life. There is only one life, only one way, only one thing. Reality can move the holy wind, and it is crying out for a clean heart. As the blood is applied through separation and holy surrender, the fire falls, the Spirit’s clothing comes on to a pure spirit. What I am, what I have been, must be lost in him.

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