11 December 2016

Bro. Smith Wigglesworth’s visit. (3/12)

p. 64
by Alexander Alfred Boddy (possibly; unattributed)
Confidence, March 1912.

We have been greatly stimulated again this month by the visit of our brother, Mr. Smith Wigglesworth, from Bradford (70, Victor Road, Manningham). We rejoiced to see the ripening power of the Holy Ghost in our brother, who has truly advanced from “faith to faith,” and from strength to strength. His first address on Saturday night emphasized the immense importance of the “members of the body” bearing each other up in prayer, especially those suffering from physical pressure, taking the burden as their own, and “praying through” to God, till the battle was won. The Kingdom of Heaven today is suffering violence.

On Sunday afternoon and evening he gave us most helpful addresses on the power of the Holy Ghost coming upon us in the baptism. Though he had known and experienced very much of the power of the Holy Spirit before he received the fulness, he knew now what a marvelous difference in power had come upon him since he received the Pentecostal blessing with the evidence of the “tongues.”

Perhaps the most stirring meeting was on Monday, when our brother, at our request, gave a brief sketch of his life, and recounted some of the hundreds of cases of divine healing in which God had used him. To us it was interesting to hear how the first touch of divine power he received was at his confirmation as a “church” boy in a parish church in Yorkshire. As the bishop laid hands on him, the same divine power of the Holy Spirit, which he now experiences in a fuller measure, came upon him, and went through his whole being. Shortly after, in a meeting, he knew he was saved. A great hunger for souls came into his heart, and he began to work for God, and the Lord graciously used him, and later both he and his wife together, in the saving of hundreds of souls.

Then came the revelation of divine healing. Raised from the gates of death himself, and healed several times of severe attacks, God led him to open the Bowland Street Mission Hall, Manningham, Bradford (Yorkshire), and there preach full salvation for spirit, soul, and body. Very soon two cases of epilepsy were instantly healed, and for some 15 years our brother has had an unbroken record of God’s marvelous love and power in healing. To him alone be all the glory!

We just give one or two striking cases of healing. One, a woman suffering from blood poisoning, her body fearfully distended, and the suffering terrible. At first the oppression of the devil was great, but after a time of earnest wrestling in prayer, victory came, and as hands were laid on her she was instantly delivered and healed.

Another remarkable case was a woman whose foot was in a terrible condition. The flesh was just hanging off and the bone was bare. Nothing could be done for her but amputation. She listened to the truth of divine healing, and she (with 10 others) was instantly healed in one meeting. Praise God!

A girl had fallen down a flight of steps, and in some way her tongue had got between her teeth, and half of the tongue was almost severed and hanging loose. Her hip was also out of joint. As Brother Wigglesworth cried to God and laid hands on her, her tongue was instantly healed, the only mark discernible being a white thread-like line across to show where the wound had been. Her hip also went into joint at once. Quite recently a blind man received his sight instantly.

These and many other cases of healing (both instant and gradual) conclusively prove that the power of the Lord to heal is just the same today for those who believe. The kingdom of God is still in our midst, for the blind are receiving sight, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, demons are cast out, and the gospel preached —the glad tidings of the victory of Calvary over all the works of the devil. Hallelujah! Amen.

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